Solaire France’s commitment to environmentally-friendly
energy and job creation

Clear and urgent: using renewable energies makes it possible to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas (all created by the Sun) – given the excessive increase in CO2 as a result of their combustion. This is the main reason for global warming and climate change.

The direct conversion of solar radiation into electricity and heat is vital to our energy future:

  • this energy is clean and abundant everywhere
  • the overall economics are improved through the creation of jobs by applying the high investments to local manufacturing of the system components (solar cells, tiles etc).
  • The integration of the photovoltaic technology into buildings with new building materials enables the generation of power on a very large scale, given the significant potential offered by the replacement of existing roofs as well as new roofs (private commercial and industrial buildings).

Solaire France has contributed to the development the new SUNSTYLE roofing system and the realisation of large scale projects.

Its photovoltaic tiles, skylight and conventional tiles are true construction materials of high performance, durability and aesthetic design.