The SUNSTYLE photovoltaic roof

A Genuine Building Material

The SOLAIRE FRANCE SUNSTYLE roofing system is a multifunctional and aesthetic solar power generating system while complying with the highest standards of functionality, performance and durability (DIN EN 61215, protection class II, exceptional water-tightness RE 750 pa, etc.).
The photovoltaic roofing system is based on the success and experience acquired through development and use of several generations of photovoltaic construction materials for the integration into buildings, and particularly roofs.
The roofing system comprises square tiles whose diagonals overlap from top to bottom.


The roofing system comprises square tiles whose diagonals overlap from top to bottom.

Overlapping square tiles

The tiles are building materials whose manufacturing process has been specially developed and certified. The crystalline solar cells are seamlessly arranged in a PVA layer between an outer sheet of tempered glass and an inner sheet of Tedlar. The edges are sealed – without a frame – to avoid humidity penetrating and guarantee the durability of the components. Electrically, the cells are welded in series up to the connection box. This is equipped with cables and connectors.


The photovoltaic tiles are attached to the underlying load-bearing structure using specially designed watertight fixings. The tiles’ mutual overlapping and elastic suspension prevents the roof being affected by the longitudinal, lateral, transversal and vibratory movements of the framework.

On the edge of the roof, dummies (edging tiles) are used to ensure a clean finish to the roof.

Translucent or transparent tiles for glass roofs have an identical structure, except that they are fitted with a transparent Tedlar sheet allowing daylight to reach inside.
The opaque tiles are "standard" tiles for covering roofs in areas which are not exposed to the sun or not to be covered with photovoltaic tiles.
SUNSTYLE is a building material used for private homes and commercial or industrial buildings and in a particularly aesthetic way.

Overview of a SUNSTYLE roof

NB: the waterproofing elements are incorporated between the individual tiles and the fixing elements.


Plug connectors beneath the tiles allow easy power connection, which roofers can carry out on their own.


Light wells can be achieved using translucent tiles (glass tiles) which have an identical structure, except that they are fitted with a transparent Tedlar sheet allowing daylight to enter round the edges and between the solar cells.
To guarantee power generation over many years (more than 30 years), as well as the durability of the roof, all of the systems components are made exclusively from materials with a long lifecycle (tempered glass, crystalline cells, Tedlar, stainless steel, EPDM joints, etc.). This is particularly the case with all the fixings, substructure and waterproofing elements located between the tiles, which guarantee the overall water-tightness of the roof. The tiles particularly comply with the requirements of DIN EN 612 15 (IEC 612 15).

The DIN EN 61215 standard includes:

  • visual inspection,
  • efficiency under various conditions (full charge and low sunlight),
  • inspection of insulating properties,
  • measurement of temperature coefficients,
  • open-air resistance test,
  • inspection of durability of Hot Spots,
  • inspection of temperature changes and UV test,
  • humidity/frost inspection, humidity/heat inspection,
  • inspection of resistance of connections,
  • inspection of mechanical resistance and torsion test,
  • exposure to hail as well as high wind and snow resistance tests,


Power per m²: 125 Wc/m²
Weight of complete roof: 19,5 kg/m²
Water-tightness classification: Re750
Maximum wind tested: > 165 km/h
Gradient: > 3°


Tile dimensions: 870mm x 870mm
Power per tile: 92 Wc (+/- 2,5%)
Max. power voltage: 11,7 V
Max. power current: 7,8 A
Open-circuit voltage: 14,6 V
Short circuit current: 8,3 A
Type of cells: Crystalline silicon
Temperature current coefficient: 3 mA/°C
Temperature voltage coefficient: -52 mV/°C
Temperature power coefficient: -0,47%/K


Summary of the advantages of the SUNSTYLE system:

  • Highly efficient, durable and aesthetic,
  • Exceptional water-tightness (Re750 pa),
  • Resistance to extreme winds and frost, tested by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment - the French Scient- and Techn. center for Buildings),
  • Resistance to vibrations (earthquakes),
  • SUNSTYLE is a building material making it possible to cover roofs entirely with photovoltaic tiles, skylight tiles and/or standard tiles of same design,
  • No need to combine photovoltaic tile or modules with conventional roofing tiles,