Environmentally-friendly innovation

SUNSTYLE a real building material


Photovoltaic tile roofing system for integration into the building


  • Highly efficient, durable and aesthetic
  • Exceptional water-tightness (Re750 pa or 136 km /hour)
  • Resistance to extreme winds and hail, tested by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment)
  • Resistance to vibrations(earthquakes)
  • SUNSTYLE is a building material making it possible to cover roofs entirely in photovoltaic tiles, skylight tiles and/or standard tiles of same design)
  • No need to combine photovoltaic tiles or panels with classical tiles



SOLAIRE FRANCE offers the SUNSTYLE system and complete power plants to inject power into the public grid


Operating principle of the photovoltaic power plant:

SUNSTYLE Roof Inverters and Transformers Meter Utilities Grid



Components of the

  • Tiles (photovoltaic, opaque,
    translucent or standard)
  • Load-bearing structure
  • Fixing system
  • Water-tightness system
  • Roof finishes
    (glass dummies)



Power per m²: 125 Wc/m²
Weight of complete roof: 19,5 kg/m²
Water-tightness classification: Re750
Maximum wind tested: > 165 km/h
Gradient: > 3°


Tile dimensions: 870mm x 870mm
Power per tile: 92 Wc (+/- 2,5%)
Max. power voltage: 11,7 V
Max. power current: 7,8 A
Open-circuit voltage: 14,6 V
Short circuit current: 8,3 A
Type of cells: Crystalline silicon
Temperature current coefficient: 3 mA/°C
Temperature voltage coefficient: -52 mV/°C
Temperature power coefficient: -0,47%/K




The main references of SOLAIRE FRANCE and the SUNSTYLE® system

Development and design of the largest integrated photovoltaic power plant in the world:
Marché Saint-Charles International - Replacement of 70000m2 of old roofs with the SUNSTYLE roof (9 MW power – 9,400,000 kWh/year generated– Supply of 97’000  tiles) Project owner: Saint Charles Solaire SAS.



Swiss Solar  price 2008 for the SUNSTYLE system

Gold Medal for the SUNSTYLE system in the Building Innovation competition won by Saint Gobain Solar




Our partners:

Banque Populaire du Sud (Banque Populaire du Sud has supported Solaire France since 2007) see BPS panel
LogoSaintGobainSolarSaint Gobain Solar (licence partner) see press article




Directors: Mario Posnansky and André Posnansky